Trash Pickup in Winter – It’s Complicated!

Here are some cold weather tips from Queen City Disposal about your trash during the winter.

Tennessee weather is unpredictable, to say the least. But sometimes we get some nasty weather bringing snow and ice. When this happens we have some tips that will make for a safer and easier trash pickup.

Check the Schedule

In bad weather, you’ll need to check our website to see if we will be running on different schedules. This will make it easier for you to know when we’ll be there.

Put Trash Bin Out Early

Putting your trash out the night before the scheduled pickup will make it easier on you than having to get up early to do so.

Snow Plows

With heavy snowstorms during winter months, the snowplows will probably be out cleaning the roadways. Make sure your trash bin is out of the road.

Extra Bags For Extra Protection

No matter how careful you pack your trash, high winds or snowplows may tip your trash bins over. Make sure all trash is securely bagged to keep trash from blowing around your neighborhood.

Keep Empty Trash Bins Out of Roadway

Empty trash bins can blow over into the roadway creating a hazard. Be sure to take trash bins off the curb as soon as trash has been picked up.

Keep Water and Ice Out

Make sure your lid is secure to keep water from accumulating at the bottom. The accumulated water can freeze causing the plastic to rupture and leak.

Secure Against Animals

As temperatures drop and wild food sources become scarce, hungry animals will often take to scavenging at trash collection spots. This is a potential health hazard, so make sure your lids are firmly closed.

For more information and to check schedule changes, visit our website.

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