How to Reduce Waste at the Office

We’ve already mentioned how to reduce waste at home, now Queen City Disposal has some tips on how to reduce waste when it’s time to return to the office

Make it a team project

  • Ask your coworkers to start a recycling program.
  • Include staff from different departments and well as your management team.
  • Set clear goals and a timeline and determine how success is measured.
  • Check out these recycling facts.

Recycle old electronics

  • When you upgrade computers and phone equipment, start an electronic waste collection.
  • Find your local electronic recycling center.
  • Electronic waste can include:
    • Computers
    • Cell phones
    • Printers
    • Batteries
    • Ink cartridges
    • Cables
    • CDs

Go paperless

  • If you haven’t switched your bills and banking to online, now is the time to do it.
  • This can save you money on postage and late fees.
  • Many companies even offer a discount if you choose to go paperless.

Set your printers to print double-sided

  • This saves paper and expense.

Encourage litterless lunches

  • Have your employees bring reusable reusable lunch bags and utensils.
    • Or even better, supply each employee with some. Perhaps with your company logo on it.

Encourage reusable water bottles

  • 38 billion water bottles end up in landfills.
  • Here again, is the perfect opportunity to supply your employees with reusable bottles with your company logo.

Buy in bulk

  • If you supply your employees with coffee, creamer, and sugar, buying in bulk will save money and reduce waste by eliminating individual packages.

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