How to Safely Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

Among the extra trash being discarded after the holidays, the biggest item is usually a Christmas tree. Queen City Disposal has some tips on how to safely dispose of your tree and other greenery

The Clarksville Montgomery County area has offered several drop-off sites to take your tree for recycling. The City of Clarksville Parks and Recreation usually has a drop-off at Heritage Park, the Montgomery County Parks and Recreation normally has their drop-off location at Rotary Park, and Dunbar Cave allows you to drop off your tree at their location as well. In some areas, you can simply put your tree in front of your house to be picked up and disposed of. 

Check with your local departments to find out how and when you can drop off your tree or if there will be curbside pick up available in your area.

Flocked trees, which are made to look like they have snow on them, are treated with chemicals, are NOT acceptable for recycling.

Another option is to safely burn your tree. Use your Christmas tree as firewood in outdoor fire pits. Experts recommend not burning your old tree in an indoor fireplace or wood stove as it produces creosote which could cause damage to your chimney or woodstove. Your tree is perfectly fine to use as kindling for an outdoor fire pit but be careful not to light the entire tree on fire at one time as they go up in flames very quickly.

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