Let’s Show Our Community Some Love!

Here are Queen City Disposal’s top tips for preventing litter and keeping our community clean.

  • Choose not to litter
  • Motorists
    • Do not throw litter out the window.
    • Carry and use a car litterbag.
  • Smokers
    • Look for a place to dispose of your cigarette before lighting it.
    • Carry a pocket ashtray.
    • Encourage your fellow smokers to be responsible for their cigarette litter.
  • Pet Owners
    • Pick up after your pet when walking through the neighborhood.
    • Be sure to put pet waste in trash receptacles and not recycle bins.
  • Parents
    • Make trash pick up fun! Challenge your kids to find ten littered items and reward the ones that find the items the fastest, or start a scavenger hunt for different types of litter, like cans, bottles, bags, etc.

We’ll do our part to keep our Queen City community clean if you’ll do yours by pitching in and picking up.

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Queen City Disposal is a locally owned and operated business. Our mission is to ensure the delivery of a cost-effective and environmentally sound solid waste management system.

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