Amazon is Causing Cardboard Pileups!

Queen City Disposal wants you to know how easy recycling cardboard can be.

With the advent of online shopping and especially from Amazon, there are more and more cardboard boxes being used, but more and more people are NOT recycling their cardboard boxes.

A USA Today analysis showed that Americans are sending more corrugated cardboard to the landfill than to recycling plants compared to past years. Why?

In the past, retailers were responsible for flattening and baling cardboard boxes and making sure they made their way to the recycling plant. Nowadays, the consumer is responsible for recycling.

Here are a few tips for making recycling easy:

  • Don’t worry about removing any tape or labels, those will come off during the recycling process.
  • Remove all packing materials such as packing peanuts or styrofoam blocks.
  • Break down your box or container into a flattened state. Don’t worry if it’s dented, bent, ripped or damaged.
  • Only place cardboard out for collection in dry weather, or make sure it fits inside your Queen City container.

Queen City Disposal is doing our part to help the community. Queen City Disposal will recycle your residential solid waste. For our customers, we believe recycling at home should be easy and effortless. One container, many benefits.

All you have to do is place your recyclables into the container. Our single-stream processing center will separate and recycle items like aluminum cans, plastics and cardboard. For every pound we recycle, that’s a pound that won’t find its way to a landfill. Always remember to roll your cart out the night before since our service routes can change periodically.

For more information about recycling, visit our website.

Queen City Disposal is a locally owned and operated business. Our mission is to ensure delivery of a cost-effective and environmentally sound solid waste management system.

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